How to Increase Height

Monday, November 21, 2011

Less height is a big issue for a person (especially for male). It reduce your confidence and sex life enjoyment. It has many minus points (you know it very well). If you're trying to increase your height by taking pills and injections, then you're on not so good way. 
Height is depend on our body's HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Pituitary gland. They are responsible for your height and body depth, voice, potency, power and anything which leads you like a hero. 
In this video, you'll find the safest and easiest ways to increase you height. By Yoga. At least 2 inches and at last 4 inches. The time period can be different at different age categories (older than 30 years is less and lower is more possibilities to achieve at last advantage.
Keep this in mind that only Yoga can't grow you taller. You need to be more practical and include more protein, multivitamins (as much as you needed) to gain height. Protein plays a main role in spiking hormones in body. Natural diet is a must. 
Check it out and follow the steps. Good luck. 


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