How to Make a Low Budget Movie

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm writing down about this topic because I believe that creative people also must be visit this blog. Just joking. But ... if you have the creativity (like story writing, acting, directing, dancing or any other arts etc.) then you should think about making a movie. 
Its a youtube age guys. You can't press your talent down (because Talent and Toilet are unstoppable ... hehee) just kidding. 
If you don't have enough money to make a movie, then this video can help you a lot. In this video, you'll understand that how can you make a very low budget or micro budget movie in a professional way. 
Making movie is not so easy task. It need a team. A teamwork of professionals. Just think about the 1999 Hollywood Blockbuster Movie "The Blair Witch Project", which budget was only $20,000. The total budget was $750,000 but the production budget was so low. They sold it to distributors and the complete cost was $750,000. But you don't have to think about printing and promotion costs. You need a team of professionals (Actors, Director, Writer, Crew etc.). 
No more typing. Just watch this video and unleash your Artist Inside. Check it out. 


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