How to Repair CD or DVD Rom Drive

Monday, February 13, 2012

If you operate computer (Laptop of Desktop), you must be always passing by the technical problems (of course) of DVD or DC Rom Drive. When it has some problem, the signs of the problems are like ... Sounding more when the CD is in, making strange sounds, not reading CD's, problems when you open window (Start computer or start-up problem), putting a lot of scratches on CD or DVD etc. 
Carrying your DVD or DC Rom Drive always to a Computer mechanic is not so wise work. If you can know that how to Fix the problems, then why do you spend your Money?...
This video will show you step by step that how can you Fix the Problems of a DVD or CD Rom Drive. Watch this video carefully and understand the process. Demo work is required because it doesn't guarantee that you're done after watching this. 

CD's condition after putting in problematic CD or DVD Rom Drive


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