Mister Olympia 2011 Winner Phil Heath Complete Body Workout Video

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Are you a bodybuilding lover? ... You must be because the reason you're here (on this video). If you love hardcore bodybuilding (more than ordinary bodybuilding of course) then you'll love your IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and Mister Olympia 2011 winner Phil Heath, doing hardcore bodybuilding workout for the complete body. If you can't do the sets and reps like him then you can enjoy this video and can take inspiration from this video. But I would like to tell you only one thing .."Never Steroids!!" (I know you know it and you're more smart than me but you sometimes become weaker by mind and try to take shortcut, and repent later) and of course the effective and safe steroid costs way more than your pocket limits (at most). Ok ok ok, I won't be too long and ... Check it out. 


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