Apple iPhone 5 Review

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The brand new Apple's iPhone 5 is in market with its incredible features and qualities. If you are a user of Apple's Accessories, you know it all. It has 10 best qualities :- 

1. Has 32 GB memory with the lowest memory option.
2. It supports 4G-LTE Network and 3G also.
3. New features for internet use.
4. Has ios 5.0 with multifingure touch option. 
5. Bigger screen with highest resolution.
6. Many new Application like better Mobile TV.
7. 8 Megapixels camera for best quality photography.
8. A 5 Microchip with Dual Core Processor atleast 1.2 GHz for better speed.
9. New security and calling features.
10. More furnished and light body.

Apple iPhone 5 Snapshots 


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