How to make a burning laser pen

Saturday, April 23, 2011

In this video, you'll learn that how can anyone make a burning laser pen. All you have to do is turning a normal laser pen into this incredible one. And it also can be use lots of works. Check it out and enjoy. 


How to be a lie detector

If you run any business or work where you face many people. You always try to understand people. You try to understand that who is right and who is wrong. You try to detect that what is so called person telling you ... truth or lie. In this very amazing video, you will learn step by step that how can everyone be a lie detector. After watching this video and practicing enough, you could surely be a lie detector person and catch easily that what is person telling you 'Truth or Lie. Check it out. 


How to moonwalk (Dance step)

Do you like dancing ... but don't know the moonwalk step? ... This is the most easy but most hard step every in break or robo dancing. In this video, the dancer guy will tell you that how can anyone easily can do this step. So learn and impress your friends. Check it out. 


How to flirt with opposite sex

Are you a shy person, or fear with girls? ... Do you keep inside the intention of having a girlfriend and don't express it cause of your shyness. This video is for you. In this very amazing video, you'll learn that how can you flirt with any girl. So lets learn the tips of flirting and make girlfriends. Check it out. 


How to make a 100 feet tall glow stick

In this amazing video, you'll learn that how can you make an incredible 100 feet tall self powered glowing stick without much effort and cost. It would be brighten than electroluminescent. It can be used in parties as a decorating object which will also glow the place and attract everyone's attention. Because its self powered so  it can be used in your camp trip or any place where you cannot find the electricity easily. Check it out.  


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