How to make magnetic fluid very easily

Friday, April 22, 2011

In this awesome video, you'll learn that how can anyone make a magnetic fluid easily. All you need to do is bring some oil toner and magnet. So check it out, learn and impress your friends. 



How to fix the red ring of death easily - A penny trick

In this interesting video, you'll learn that how anyone can easily fix the red ring of death. Its a trick video with penny. Check it out. 


How to solve a Rubic's Cube very easily

Everyone, especially kids know that Rubic's Cube is not so easy to solve. Its the only game which is very cheap and interesting. Did you ever tried it in your lifetime? If yes so please lift your hand. 
In this helpful video, you'll learn that how a Rubic's Cube can be solved very easily. So check it out and impress your friends with your intelligence. 


How to be a super gangster

Are you a timid person? Do you fear with every bad guy? Do your friends make fun of you? ... And you also wanna be a bad guy too. In this funny but helpful video, you'll learn that how anyone, even a boneless person can turn into a super gangster very easily. So learn and laugh. 


How to play and win a slot machine

In this useful video, a professional gambler will tell you why playing slot machine is no way to win. He tells that why slot machine winning is not random. Know the truths about slot machine winning or losing. Check it out.


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