How to Paint a Room Walls

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Generally if you want to paint your home (kitchen, rooms etc.) you hire a Professional Painter. If you can afford their cost then this video is not for you. If you afford their cost due to your lack of knowledge that how to paint well (like a professional painter), then this video can help you very well. If you paint your home yourself, then it won't only save your money for now, but can save forever. In this video, you'll understand the step-by-step process of painting walls (including how much water mixing in paint, how the hand angles should be and how many times you should paint layer by layer for best result etc). Check it out and be a Pro Painter.


How to Cure Cold in One Day

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Common Cold is very common flu but its condition is so uncommon. You know that how it irritates our head, eyes, mouth, throat and whole body stamina. You know it if you're Idiosyncrasy touchy of common cold. I'm not going to tell you the nasal catarrh treatment. Because its not a task of one day. It takes years. 
If you're influenced under common cold, then you should avoid the whole foods and habits which increase your cold potency. Like some people are allergic with cold foods and some are with warm foods (not warm and cold but the nature of food).
Check this video and follow the instruction carefully to take advantage in one day. Good luck. 


How to Quit Smoking

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do you smoke. If yes than you know very well that how disgusting and harmful this habit is for you. It harm your health, as well as its harmful for people around you (cause they too tipple the smoke you release). I'm not going to tell you its side effects because you know it already. But the problem is this habit is too hard to quit. 
In this video, an American Doctor Allen Carr will tell you how can you avoid and quit this dirty habit for ever. This is not an easy work to say I know. You need more self confidence, and focus to done this. But if you do it step by step and in a well  way, you could done it. My dad did this and he quiet smoking for the rest of life (Proven). Check it out. Good Luck!!


How to Open Beer Bottle with a Piece of Paper

Friday, November 25, 2011

Do you drink Beer? If yes then this video is for you to do something new. Its a fun video. If you ever open a Beer Bottle with opener or teeth, you're doing old things. Let's show your friends and girlfriend  something new. Its a Party trick. You can Open any kind of beer bottle with just a piece of plain paper. Its too easy to do. Check it out and impress you friends.


How to Make an Infrared Camera

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do you know what is infrared camera? .. I know you know but if someone don't know, I tell you. Infrared Camera is a type of camera which is capable to record in dark. Like a Night Vision. It is used in many works.  Typically when you're in dark place or in Night and want to make a video of wild animals etc. 
In this video, a guy will tell you practically that how can you make your own Infrared Camera very easily. I know that making an infrared camera in home is for save money first then second others and its is completely true. You can save almost 60% costs of a typical infrared camera. Check it out. 


How to Increase Height

Monday, November 21, 2011

Less height is a big issue for a person (especially for male). It reduce your confidence and sex life enjoyment. It has many minus points (you know it very well). If you're trying to increase your height by taking pills and injections, then you're on not so good way. 
Height is depend on our body's HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Pituitary gland. They are responsible for your height and body depth, voice, potency, power and anything which leads you like a hero. 
In this video, you'll find the safest and easiest ways to increase you height. By Yoga. At least 2 inches and at last 4 inches. The time period can be different at different age categories (older than 30 years is less and lower is more possibilities to achieve at last advantage.
Keep this in mind that only Yoga can't grow you taller. You need to be more practical and include more protein, multivitamins (as much as you needed) to gain height. Protein plays a main role in spiking hormones in body. Natural diet is a must. 
Check it out and follow the steps. Good luck. 


How to Operate an Apple iPhone

Friday, November 18, 2011

If you have an Apple iPhone (or planning to buy one) then keep this in mind 'operating an iPhone is not so easy (until you've learned it by you friend's iPhone). It has too many functions. In this video you'll learn the basics and operating method of Apple iPhone by Apple's founder Steve Jobs. They will also tell you that how an iPhone is more better than a Blackberry android. Check it out. 


How to Train Your Parrot to Talk

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do you have a Parrot in your home? ... I know that doesn't talk. Most of birds we cradle don't talk because they don't know talking (Its obvious). We have to teach them to talk. If you buy an already talkative Parrot, that costs much more than a TV Set. 
If you want your Parrot to talk (at least taking your housemates names) to impress your relatives, friends, neighbors etc, then this video can help you a lot. 
In this video, you'll learn the most effective tips to train your Parrot without upsetting him (most of animals get upset when they over-train and do unusual things in result). 
So Check it out and do what the tutor says. keep in mind that your hard efforts would do the job done. 

The Picture of Big Parrot "Kakatua" who is known to talk.


How to Be a Citizen of Canada

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Canada is one the most beautiful and rich country of the world. Everyone want to be in like this type of country for the rest of life. Aren't you a Canadian Citizen? .. So you want to be a Canadian Citizen?  If yes then you're in the right place In this video you'll learn that how can you become a Canadian Citizen. An Indo-Canadian comedian, actor and disc jockey Russell Peters will tell you in this video how he got his Green Card and became a citizen of Canada. If you want to be a Legal Citizen of Canada, Check it out right now. 
Check out those Canada Map and Snapshot :-


How to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

Friday, November 11, 2011

Do you play Golf? .. I know its a rich's hobby. But if you don't play it, then you like it (otherwise why are you watching this video??).
Golf is a typical sports but it doesn't seem typical. It need power, focus and sharp mind. If you ever tried it then you know it very well. If you didn't tried it yet, try to.
In the play, if you want to strike your ball very far, then you should understand the tricks of the game. In this video, you'll understand that how can you increase your Gold swing speed. It need more focus than power. And also right hands position to target your goal. Check it out because I can't write down anymore. 

Check out those encounter Pictures below :-


How to Make a Telescope

Thursday, November 10, 2011

You know what a Telescope is. Its a long pipe type thing which is used to watch remote things. Like Sky, Stars, moon etc. Do you know how to make it? ... If not then this video can help you. In this video you'll learn that how can you make a easy medium sized Telescope in very cheap price. Of course if you're gonna buy it, it'll costs around 10-15 dollars. But you can make it in home with a costs around 3-4 dollars. You can arrange it as your kids scientific Toy. Check it out and make it out. 


How to Avoid People You Don't Want to Talk To

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

If you don't want anyone to talk to you (and also don't want to break their heart) then this would be a solid mind strategy. Isn't it?. You know what I'm talking about. Like a Girl. A Beautiful Girl know it very well. If she's known to be a very sweet personality, then its obvious that guys would like to have her. Its impossible for her and she also want to keep her sweet personality. ... ammm this video suits on Girls especially because Boys mostly ... I know ... are .. oh forget it. 
In this video, you'll learn the mind game of avoiding people you don't want to talk to by a Girl. Check this out because I can't type anymore about it. My head is spinning. 


Lucy Pinder Nuts Magazine Photoshoot

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hot Sexy Beautiful American Supermodel and Actress Lucy Pinder Bold Erotic poses in various Bikinis and Lingerie in the "Nuts" Fashion Magazine Photo shoot for October 2011 Issue. Check out her stunning pink busty body in behind the scene of photo-shoot Video. Also check her sizzling pictures from the magazine below.


How to French Kiss

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today I'm in a good mood and thinking about romance. That's why I posting about "how to kiss" topic. ok, well, kissing the main part of lovemaking and expressing love. If you're a good kisser (regular kissing) then you must be know about 'French Kissing", the most famous, typical and enjoyable kissing technique of the world. If you ever kissed your girlfriend and wife with this technique, then you already know that how pleasureful it is. 
If anyone who don't know about this type of kissing, then this video can help you a lot. But keep this in mind that your mouth should be clean and fresh because your tongue plays a main roll in it. Check out this video carefully and make your Girlfriend or Wife surprised. 


How to Belly Dance

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do you like Dance? .. of course you must be. Everyone who like dance, love to dance also. Do you know what is Belly Dance?, ... must be know if you like dancing. Belly Dance is a very typical form of dancing. As it titled, your belly must be well trained for this. In this video, you'll learn step by step that how to belly dance like a professional dancer. But as I always says 'keep this in mind that the practice is the key of any work lock'. Check this out and start your class right now. Good Luck. 


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